How it Works

Welcome to the neighborhood!

MuseValley is a crowdsourcing marketplace and creative community, where you’ll find custom-designed work from Creatives across the web.

Here in the MuseValley community, clients post requests to get custom-made work, and Creatives earn money by winning requests or selling their work in the Gallery.

Let’s Talk!

Joining MuseValley means entering into a conversation with fans of art of all kinds from across the web. Talk about, share and rank your favorites!

On The Request Wall

Post a request to the Request Wall to get custom-designed work from Creatives.

How it Works

Post your Request
Find your winner
Get what you need

In The Gallery

Visit the Gallery to shop, get inspired, share and talk about projects and request submissions. Follow your favorite in MyMuse.

Browse the Gallery

Comment, Share, Like &
Buy custom work
you love

So you’re a Creative?

Get paid for your work, by winning requests or selling projects in the Gallery.

How it Works

Browse the Request
Submit to a request or
post in the Gallery.
Get Paid

How to Earn Money for Your Work

Showcase & Sell

Post your work in the Gallery. Add a price tag if you’d like, or simply get feedback from the MuseValley community and enter into a conversation with fellow Creatives. Get more views by making your post Highlighted or Featured.

Enter & Win

Browse the Request Wall. You can search and sort by category or personal preference. Find one you like and submit your project for a chance to win! And if you don’t, sell convert your submission to a portfolio project to sell in the Gallery.

What kind of work will I find in MuseValley?

Our Creatives will make anything you dream up come to life.

Main Categories:

Industrial Design, Graphics, Media, Fashion, Accessories, Jewelry, and Arts & Crafts.

Who will I meet in MuseValley?

  • Anyone and everyone who loves original, custom-made art and design.
  • Creatives and students specializing in the following categories: Industrial Design, Fashion,Interior Design, Media, Graphics, Jewelry, and Arts & Crafts.
  • Retailers and shops that need work that is 100 percent original, including special collections or a new line of unique products.
  • Marketing and research departments who are looking for innovative ideas.
  • Architects who need custom-designed art that suits their projects.
  • Galleries and art shows that need a unique line of products.

Why MuseValley?

MuseValley is the most effective way to connect with your favorite art and design.

  • Benefit from the creativity of many instead of limiting yourself to a single designer or artist. 
  • Set your own budget, and get more for your money. 
  • No risk—your money won’t go the Creative until you receive your project. 
  • Get what you need faster: Creatives are available to start working for you right now.

MuseValley Features


This is where you collect and follow your favorite projects and requests. Go to MyMuse to manage your activity: MyRequests, MySubmissions, MyProjects, MyOrders.

User Profile and Dashboard

Learn about MuseValley members by going to each one’s Profile. View details like occupation and reason for being on MuseValley or follow their Activity section to view their requests, submissions or projects.

Go to your Dashboard on your personal Profile to monitor your own activity using an image-based interface.


All MuseValley members get their own Wallet to pay or collect money from any transaction over MuseValley. Clients deposit money for request winners or projects they purchase through the Gallery, while Creatives and Partners collect payments using Wallet. You can deposit money to your Wallet using PayPal. Or, you can fill out a Withdraw Request to transfer funds from your Wallet into your PayPal account.

System Notifications (!)

Visible on the top toolbar, system notifications let you know about activity on your requests, submissions or projects you buy or sell in the Gallery. You will also receive email Notifications. Manage your notifications settings through your Profile.

Direct Messages

Like System Notifications, Direct Messages are also visible on the top toolbar. You will receive two types: messages from MuseValley admin and messages from other MuseValley members. You can choose to filter your messages so you only receive messages from MuseValley members.


View all the messages, including attachments, that you’ve sent to and received from another MuseValley member, all in one place. Click on an individual message to view your conversation history and reply.

User Interface

MuseValley couples a vivid, image-based interface with interactive features, including mouseover and social media capabilities. Click on any request, submission or project image to instantly access more information and click on tabs like Photos or Comments for an in-depth view.