Posting Requests

Posting Requests:

Step-by-Step Instructions
  1. Post your request and deposit your prize money in MuseValley (through PayPal, a credit card processed by PayPal, or MuseValley Wallet). Get more submissions when you promote your request as Guaranteed, Highlighted or Featured.
  2. Monitor Submissions and rate each one (0 - 5 Stars). Communicate with Creatives, either privately or publicly, through the Request and Submission Comments tabs to ask for clarifications, improvements and changes if needed.
  3. Focus on a short list of your favorite submissions. You can sort them according to ratings.
  4. On the day your request closes, or a short time after, select your winner and ask for deliverables. If you’ve requested a physical product, provide the winning Creative with your shipping address and preferred courier by sending him or her a message or privately commenting on the winning project.
  5. Receive your deliverables. Deliverables may be in the form of files you download or a physical shipment you await after downloading delivery details.
  6. Once you receive your files or package, go to your request and click Accept Deliverables to release your prize to the Creative.


Where can I monitor my request?

  • Directly from your Request Details page
  • Through MyRequests under MyMuse
  • From your Profile through Activity on your Dashboard

Follow your System Notifications on the top toolbar to track the status of your request. You will also receive direct messages and email notifications about all relevant activity.



You won’t pay until the winning project is in your hands.
You pay a deposit to cover the prize amount you set for your request. The winning Creative will only receive your prize money after you receive their project.


Guidelines for successful Requests:

  1. Define the level of solution you need. Choose whether Creatives should submit an idea/sketch, media files, or a physical product to be shipped. For larger projects, you may start with an idea or sketch, pick a winner, then post a new request for the final product.
  2. Select the Intellectual Property Right level that suits you. Personal Use is the default setting, but if you’d like to sell the winning project, select Commercial Use. For exclusive rights to the project, select Transfer of IP Ownership.
  3. Select your prize for the winning Creative. When choosing your prize amount, consider your budget, as well as the scope of the work your request requires and shipping costs. Higher prizes attract more submissions!
  4. Select a winner on the date your request closes or a short time right after.
  5. Post an Anonymous Request to get custom work without sharing your name or MuseValley Profile.
  6. Post a Private Request to prevent Creatives or other MuseValley members from viewing submissions. Remember, this also means you won’t receive any community feedback that might help you pick your winner.
  7. After you post a request, you can only edit certain details.
    1. Increase the Prize – if you don't get enough submissions, we recommend you increase the amount of your prize.
    2. Add features – Highlight, Featured, Guaranteed.
    3. Add Photos, Files and Links.
    4. Add Public comments to clarify your needs and preferences.