The Perfect Gift

Finding the Perfect Gift

How to ditch mass production for custom-made gifts from creatives. 


If you’re like me, you believe that a gift giving is an art. You think amount of thought you put into a gift is a reflection how much you care for a special someone. Maybe you wander in and out of shops in the mall, and see plenty of great things—but none that are just right; none that match the perfect gift you’ve dreamed up in your head.


And that’s where MuseValley comes in. MuseValley is an online platform that connects you to creatives and artisans who specialize in making one-of-a-kind gifts—the kind that the mall, or anyone else for that matter, won’t have.


How it works

So how do you get exactly what you want from MuseVally? Simple: you ask for it. Artisans from jewelers and woodworkers to painters all ready to work with you. You give them specifics, like colors, shape, size and even price, and they chat with to make it happen.


Consumer AND artist friendly

Usually when we hear “custom-made” what we really hear is “out of my price range.” And normally when artisans hear “make art for strangers” they wonder, “but will I ever get paid?” MuseValley wants to make their community inviting for artists and those who love their art. Here’s how:

●     You set your own budget and agree on a price before your creative starts working.

●     You deposit the agreed upon amount at MuseValley, but only send it to the creative when you receive a completed project.

●     In working with creatives, you support small businesses!


Crowdsourcing for those who don’t love crowds

The main reason I love online shopping is because I hate malls. I like shopping in my pajamas. Thank you internet. And thank you MuseValley. Google’s great, but it never turned up the perfect “blue and yellow polka dot teddy bear with heart-shaped pupils holding a lollipop” that I wanted for my niece. MuseValley did though.


Check it out here. 

Custom made gift 

“You Dream it, We Create it!”
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